Langdon Coffee Merchants

Painted in the beautiful new office of Langdon Coffee Merchants, these two murals bring together the coffee making process with the final product - in your hand and ready to be sipped.


Daisylegs (Maddison and Jamie Edward) worked with Kosaten on both their Hobart and Launceston restaurants. They designed their branding, staff uniforms, signage and murals. Pictured here is the Launceston store.

Whitehart Bar

Daisylegs (Maddison and Jamie Edward) painted the signage and murals at this Melbourne institution. Working with owner Stephen Johnson, the murals capture the bars gritty laneway surrounds while telling the story of Whitehart.

Miller Street, West Melbourne

This mural in West Melbourne pays homage to a Milkbar which was located in this building during the 1970’s. The mural replicates the facade of the previous milkbar with identical signage and building features painted in their original positions. The new milkbar features the owners grand children inside the milkbar and reflections of the street as they were in the 1970’s.
Maddison Kitching © 2023
Maddison works on unceded Wurundjeri and Boonwurung Land.